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funky fire madness

The 5 alarm blaze that's been all over the news this morning, if just a few blocks from my house. I heard sirens for about 20 minutes till I started going "what the hell?" and then came the helicopters. Since the helicopters are hovering well outside the column of smoke there has been one flying pretty low over my house every 5 minutes, which is freaking out the cats. I had to drive Marc to work a bit ago. I can see the column of dense smoke really well in my back yard, since my yard faces a school yard. Driving by it to take Marc to work was no big deal, even though they say there is a back up on Monterey, there really wasn't, I barely had to slow down. It's starting to smell pretty bad though, my nostrils and lungs aren't going to be too happy later.

That shopping center is wasteland anyway, not that I don't feel for the owners, but it's pretty bad. There used to be a pretty cool goodwill and a Thrifty’s and Safeway but they moved out long ago. It's gotten progressively seedier since about 90' There is still a thrift store farther down the strip mall, but it's got stuff in it that you'd imagine was pretty beat up to start with , was bought by someone desperate at another Thrift store at one point used till NO one could possibly use it and then shipped into this place. The fire started in a store I've been in a few times, which is one of those not quite dollar stores (it was there before that craze started) but everything in it is junk that is lower quality then the stuff in the thrift stores, kinda sub par flea market stuff with not a lot of rhyme or reason going on. I’m not sure which other stores are burnt down they said 4 so far. What I know is next door is a music store that carries Latin and Asian music, a jewelry store that is a not quite a pawn shop, a food stamps agency office, a check cashing place, a small Mexican restaurant. Once this shopping center had "Flavor" but these days it’s a place where drug dealers hang out in the alley way so who knows.
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