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Snow White

Well finally the hair in the front is mostly platinum, finally. What a pain in the ass! I had my hair white all through my teenagehood and early 20's, it was so much easier with short hair and all over. (picture is from 87ish)

Hopefully Marc's house guest will be gone tonight, because I'm missing him quite a bit.

I was finally able to scrub my new tattoo in the shower a bit, boy does it feel better! I hate the itchies! I forgot the Camera over at Marc's though so I'll make him take a picture this weekend.

I have to make sure I have everything I need for the hike on sunday too. A bunch of little things to do.

This message has no real content, but xoxoxoox's anyways!

p.s. I can't find one damn picture of Templeton from Charlotte's Web! Not fair at all!
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