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Skinny Puppy

Why is it I'm not upset at seeing SP tonight? I know why... they put on the best damn shows ever and they slowly got lamer, lamer and lamer...The last tour I went to must have been too dark park?
When I first heard about it I went EEEEEEEE! GLEEEEEEEEEEE! and then I went "wait a sec..." The best time was at the Filmore I Think it was 87 or 88 I was still in hgh school but I can't remember if it was junior or senior year. I'm thinking it was Junior so prolly 87... I forget. I can't remember what tour it was before that, but this one was the one with the huge mirror and ladder thing... I only got to see one other show after that at the filmore and that was Front 242 as the 89 earthquake pretty much shut the place down for a LONG time. I felt really bad for one of the opening acts for SP who was a poet. For some odd reason, The Filmore used to have boxes of apples near the entrance and people were throwing them at the poor thing. It was slightly funny, but still...

I think the last tour I dragged myself to see was too dark park. My SP worshiping days were coming to a close, I didn't really like last rights very much at the time, and I decided that was it for me. So,perhaps the show will be grand, but I will keep my memories thank you very much. (My friend Alex was their tour manager for a long time when I was a teenager)

Do I sound bitter? No, I'm not, I just don't wanna soil my lovely memories with yet another horrid SP show too many years too late, and even if it is wonderful, it couldn't be as wonderful as when I was so in love with their music I could barely stand it.
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