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The Muppet Brat

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Annamarie Wilson
14 May 1971
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Graphic Artist
4ad, 80s music, adam ant, alien abductions, ancient architecture, architecture, art, art (making), art deco, astronomy, audrey hepburn, b-movies, bathtime, bats, bay area, being close to friends, bolshoi, books, boots, britpop, camping, candles, cats, celtic, celtic mythology, chameleons, chewbacca, clothing, clubs, cocteau twins, coil, computer graphics, conversation, cooking, crafts, culture and customs, dancing, danny elfman, dario argento, dead can dance, death rock, deathrock, dirge, disneyland, drawing, ebm, edward ka-spel, electronic music, eyes staring with adoration, fairy tales, fantasy art, fauna, film, films, fish, fishing, flora, funky toys, fuzzy pj's, gardening, gene loves jezebel, goth, hairdye, halloween, haunted houses, hiking, history, holding hands, honest intelligent caring people, horror, horror movies, idm, industrial, industrial music, ireland, italian gore, ivy, john hughes, killing joke, kissing, laughter, legendary pink dots, love, love and rockets, makeup, metaphysics, monster movies, muppets, music, mythology, new model army, new rocks, new wave, noise, oingo boingo, old school ska, oscar wilde, paint, painting, pajamas, pens, physics, pixies, pop will eat itself, project pitchfork, punk, punk rock, pwei, rainstorms, red lorry yellow lorry, religion (the study of), rikki tikki tavi, runes, san francisco, science geeking, secret societies, severed heads, silent films, skinny puppy, sneaker pimps, synthpop, tattoos, the bolshoi (band), the chameleons uk, the child inside, the cramps, the legendary pink dots, the mission uk, the pixies, the wonderstuff, things that are warm, things that purrrr, throw pillows, ultravox, used bookstores, velvet, video games, vintage clothing, vintage jewelery, vinyl records, visage, voices, waxtrax, wayne hussey, wire, writing, wrought iron, zombie flicks, zombies